Sell Your Business

Sourcing The Buyer You Seek

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Expert Sale Representation

Selling a business is an individually unique process. And during this “harvest” of your life’s work we take great pride in providing you clarity. It’s our job to understand and expertly articulate the value of your company in order to strategically source the right acquirer. The right advisor reduces uncertainty; for the business owner AND interested acquiring parties. In the end, what matters most is the owner’s sense of satisfaction the right buyer was engaged and that a top-dollar sale was executed.

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Task and Milestone Marketing

For smaller businesses, typically with less than $250,000 in annual revenues and little or no net income, we expertly package and market the business, which drives qualified, motivated buyers to the business owner, who then negotiates terms of a sale directly with each prospect. This service is a flat-fee consulting arrangement, without requiring a commission be paid at closing.